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The best friend is, as its name suggests, the friend of a person with whom she has forged ties that exceed its ties to other people.

You can define these particularly strong links between the two best friends in a relationship than friendship. The friendship in its purest form is unconditional, that means, true friends do not judge and do not reflect the passing of time.

And friendship over individual values and temporal, it is a state of mind, a special bond that unites beings.
Love means a feeling of affection and attachment to someone or something that pushes those who feel a closeness to seek physical, spiritual or even imagined with the object of that love and to adopt a particular behavior.

As a general concept, love usually refers to a deep feeling of tenderness towards a person.

However, even this specific design of love includes a wide range of different feelings, from the passionate desire and romantic love, to the sexual tension without close family love or platonic love and devotion spiritual religious love.

Love in its various forms acts as a major factor in social relations and occupies a central place in human psychology, which is also one of the most common themes in art.

Share your trips, your desires, your favorite songs

Find people who frequent the same places and you meet new people easily! and naturally !


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